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World's only mock tests that are powered by 5 independent ability engines, and that provide ESR+ Analysis.

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5 Independent Ability Engines

We analyzed over 1000 Enhanced Score Reports to understand how the GMAT works. So when you take a SIGma-X mock you can be confident that you are taking a test that uses the same scoring architecture as the real GMAT does.

Like the Actual GMAT, SIGma-X mocks are powered by 5 independent engines - 3 in Verbal and 2 in Quant.

Since the Scoring Architecture is identical to that of the real GMAT, the scores estimated and the insights provided by SIGma-X mocks area extremely accurate.

What is it?

Why is it important?

"The test provides in-depth insights about subsection performance and a score out of 51 which helps set targets for each subsection and prepare accordingly "

Since most mocks do not have independent ability engines, if you perform poorly in CR and RC, it may not serve difficult questions in SC regardless of how you are performing on Sentence Correction Questions.

On the other hand, on the real GMAT (as well as on SIGma-X mock), you can score the 90th percentile in Sentence Correction even if you score a zero percentile in Reading Comprehension

This architectural alignment allows us to provide extremely accurate estimates.

No Other Mock Follows This Architecture

Truly Adaptive

Rather than using a simple question-based adaptive engine, SIGma-X mocks use a sophisticated adaptive engine based on Item Response Theory (IRT) to ensure that the difficulty level of questions served truly adapts to your actual ability.

Large Pool of Questions

Each test draws from a question pool that contains 3X as many questions as in competing mocks so you can be certain that no matter what your ability, the test will serve questions of appropriate difficulty level.

3  5 - Difficulty levels

While most mock tests serve questions from three question banks - Easy, Medium, or Hard, SIGma-X mocks' question picking engine picks questions 5 different question banks - the result a more precise estimate of your ability.

Question Block – level adaptability

Should you be served a difficult question if you answer one medium question correctly? Not on the real GMAT, and not on SIGma-X mocks. The result - you don’t see random jumps in difficulty level and are served questions that you can actually answer.

Note: you will observe the same block-level adaptability in the official ESR

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ESR + Analysis

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Get 5 independent ability scores

Get your ability scores in SC, CR, RC, Arithmetic, and Algebra/Geometry just as you would in the official ESR. What is the benefit - The benefit is that with e-GMAT's personal study planner, you can create a precise improvement plan.

Block Level Analysis - find out how to improve

If you scored 70 percentile in RC, should you go back and revise theory or just focus on refining application. Block level analysis of your progress helps you make that decision. In fact, the insights provided in this analysis go above and beyond what you get from ESR

Timing Analysis - Learn how to make better decisions

Bad decisions lead to bad results. Timing analysis exposes such decisions and so that the next time you take the test, you can spend your energy on more productive areas and score 20 points higher (on average)

5 Independent Ability Engines






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5 Ability Scores

Block–Level Progression

Timing Analysis

"The questions in both Verbal and Quant sections were great and varied in difficulty level - quite similar to what one can expect in GMAT"

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